Why do you need Web(Site) Development outsourcing services?

It is predicted by world wide web analyst sources that by the year 2020, HALF the world's population is going to come online. Not expanding your business online by having a website, on one of earth's most rapidly growing market space, would not reflect an intelligent internet strategy. Considering most of Filium Enterprise's global website clients are going to come into the digital market sooner than later, Web For All is an important part of our software outsourced services.

Before you sign up with Filiums' Signature Web For All Website Development Service, we would like you to compare between all options available to you assuming you are here because you have already decided to go online with your own website. Let us help you make an informed web development decision. For this, our website research analysts have created an exhaustive list of website development options as per the current web development landscape in 2019. On this page, we cover three main sources for your website development i.e. DIY Website builders, Website Development Freelancers, and Local Web Development companies near you.

First lets cover the DIY website development technology. There has been a strong hype since 2016 or rather a temptation to use one of the many Do-it-yourself website builders, the ads of which you see on TV, internet, Youtube, Subway Train commercials and almost all media. This is an advertising driven hype to lure inexperienced startups with a quick cookie cutter dream website. We strongly recommend to avoid falling for this trap for multiple reason listed in our blog.

But lets mention it here briefly, so you can decide and move forward.

First, DIY (Do-It-Yourself) website builders put bluntly, are incapable of delivering results for your business. Let us break this down, so you can arrive at your own conclusion.

Exhibit 1) We like to call such websites development the Sleeping beauty: Well that's what DIY web building gives you, if, you picked an expensive DIY website development tool, else, you may as well call it a sleeping ugly. Let us give you some back ground on these kind of websites. The sleeping beauty (exhibit 1 a) is the a website built which may look good, because it usually uses fake website stock images and has nothing to do with the actual living business. It makes it look great because it has matching theme colors and out of the box patterns used by 1000s of websites which are essentially identical to yours. We call it the sleeping beauty, because it may look good, but is very (very) far from being optimized or even built to be indexed by the search engines.

This is to do with the simple fact that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of any website has evolved over the past 20 years since google started the indexing algorithms, which means that now, these are highly complex algorithms which supports its own industry with 1000s of companies offering search engine optimization services. Another salient feature to note is that the search indexing algorithm mechanisms for website indexes have evolved greatly over these many years. About 10 years ago, you may have been okay with submitting the URL manually to the search engines webmaster consol. Today that is not enough, you need various codes on the server which hosts the site in a specific format and specific code for the search engines to interpret the nature, importance and even the existence of the web page. This is nothing to do with meta tags, there is a lot (lot) more which is required to just get an acknowledgement from search engines to even notice the webpages/ websites existence. Many web developers are unaware of these practices, and needless to say, we don't blame the DIY site users for not knowing these essentials.

Next, of course is the sleeping ugly (1 b), which not only does not get acknowledged by the search engines or indexed, it also looks terrible. By terrible, we mean in form and function. The site is not mobile friendly (an increasing requisite by google for a healthy page rank), which in turn can increase your website bounce rate. Which adversely affects your quality score one of the key things even for paid search ads. So even if you pay say $7 USD for a click, and you have got yourself a sleeping ugly, you have dug yourself a money hole.

Exhibit 2) The nickel and dime salesman: Yes that’s true, DIY website builders are notorious for doing this to their customers and only the ones who have tread down that road know it best. What happens in almost 100% of these DIY Site builders is that they lure you in on a cheap domain name registration, or free hosting for first year or some kind of low ball number that makes you feel you got yourself a deal. Your highway to the millions of audience you can’t wait to reach! Only to find our after you have bit on the bait of the low number they had offered you that everything else is "boutique" and comes for a fortune. In other words, many would even offer you a 15 day trial for the site builder application. Which looks great with the FREE dangled and hanging loose, but by the time you really get acquainted with what came for free for the limited time are two things. First, by the time you get acquainted and have spent hundreds of dollars’ worth of your time on it the trial period is over.

Now you have the sunk emotional costs of all the effort you put in, the time, and getting acquainted with it to consider before you think long term, and may simply extend the trial into a plan without thinking what just happened. Second, after you somewhat get acquainted with the FREE DIY Website Builder, you slowly start to recognize how limited this tool is. But hey, you have spent all this time, might as well just make do with whatever you have already done. So you end up buying the monthly "Best value" package for the Free Trial DIY Website builder, and commit another whole bunch of money to keep you in. Well, now you have really got yourself in an even bad situation. You continue to put more good money after bad decisions, including purchasing other tools to make the tools you already bought work, so on and so forth. Before you know, if you are lucky you may end up with exhibit (a), of if not exhibit 1(b).

So, these DIY site builders don’t help you to attain your true objective i.e. to get more clients. Let’s discuss quickly what’s the truth behind this whole DIY website builder. These DIY site builders lure business owners into believing what an engineer (usually a team of engineers) does after dedicating anywhere between 4 - 14 years of his life in this intricate engineering field, you can do it in 10 minutes "Just like that". Have you seen those sleek ads? It’s far from the truth. A serious business decision maker must think clearly and not be misled. Read our blog to get the full reasoning why this is not a good idea.

Now lets look at the second option, the "Freelancer". There is a booming industry of freelancer web developers from all parts of the world. Web developers in the USA, Africa, Asia and who knows where. Why this is not a good idea. Let us break it down for you so you can arrive at your own conclusion.

Exhibit 3) Price vs Cost: If you have heard the famous example of zigziglar's bicycle purchase for his child you can skip this section and simply register to our service. For those who haven’t let us elucidate. Price wise they are more expensive than DIY website builders but offer some added control on how the site looks which DIY greatly limit. However, we knowing the industry and practices, freelancers are a mixed bag of developers from rookie beginners with no oversight, cultural or technological context to the current day, structure and experience to others who have indeed spent several years building great websites. If only we could find the one. Furthermore, from a safety stand point how do you know the freelancer on the other side of the web isn't someone you should not be doing financial transactions with due to their unknown associations. There is no way to tell how soon you could be a victim these days. We do not recommend taking on a freelancer to make your dream come true, as rosy as it sounds, it is full of risks, hidden costs and liabilities you don’t want to take on. The most important factor which makes not recommend them is that they can here today and gone tomorrow.

This could change what sounded as a good price into added costs you have no other option to pay, or simply abandon your website half done and end up with 1 a or 1 b. Let us explain, as we have seen this many many times over the years, for various reasons including personal life change in interest, profession or even getting a full time job. The Freelancer once leaves your side has no reason to come back. You do not need this instability which has a lot of implications on the success of your business. Read our blog on how to select the right freelancer, if you choose to do so to know more. Do it by being first well informed. So as famous Ziggy once said "are you looking for a good price or you are looking for a good cost"?

Exhibit 4) Team Team Team: Ever wondered why there are millions or even billions watch team sports while a much smaller minority watch individual sports. The truth is a Team does something a much greater that one individual. At Filium we work in teams, what does that mean? Let us explain what does this mean to you when drawing your conclusions about hiring a website development freelancer. Lets start with diversity of web development experience in one team. Your typical site is built by a team under a line manager. Each of these website developers specialize in web development technologies that are imperative these days. They have each built websites for a variety of businesses across the globe. The line manager is a senior manager who spent a lot of more time in web development himself and oversees the work, quality, implementation of best practices and output for each of these websites. He also constantly researches and updates the team of any new developments, changes in algorithms, website design nuances or company best practices which are updated by our research teams.

Many of the team members have worked on larger industry projects which gave them prior experience and understanding on how a certain industry operates. Collectively the team has a large blob of experience and knowledge which they interchange and spread across to enable the rest of the team to do a better job. A freelancer, on the other hand is isolated in many ways. This also limits his ability to scale or perform well when faced with something of a new nature. Furthermore, if he falls ill, has to travel, has a power cut, gets a bigger project, or simply looses interest, he/she has no team, and because of that you have no team. We recommend not only having a team, but a great team of experts by your side. It's really worth it!

Third, you have an option to hire a "local web development" company in your city or even country. This may be a good option, but there are two categories of companies that are out there doing this work for you. Let's consider this so you know what you can expect and draw your own conclusion. This also gives us a chance to show you why and how Filium Enterprises is different. The first category is a startup web development firm, say in Chicago, USA or Melbourne, Australia or London, England, usually with 2-3 developers. The second, is a larger multi office/location company which has a local office in your city. The smaller firm is your local start up freelancer, unable to take on more customers, usually struggling to figure it out, and finally loose interest in growing their business, or taking on more customer than they can service and are not able to continue to provide quality of service. If they did take your project on while they were already over loaded with work and did a poor job to start with, how can you expect them to change things later.

They may be cheaper than the larger company but the quality may not be that great and very rookie in their approach due to lack of established and well researched work flow that ensures client get the results the decided to bring themselves online for. In high contrast, we at Filium Enterprises has heavily invested in our self-developed Web for All platform and delivery model which includes automated onboarding of clients, quality check on contents, working with clients to ensure and enable a quality website message, state of the art website development teams are not only experienced but also equipped with the latest tools and technologies required by web developers to do an outstanding job. Our research and development team constantly work to outperform our teams and raise the bar of quality. We also stay up to date with major internet giants such as google, various think tanks and research organizations around the globe to ensure our team is well ahead of the curve on a day to day basis. We also do our own research to invent and rediscover secrets in programming logic and ability to code for excellence on an ongoing basis.

Due to our globally experienced management team Filium Enterprises has built our services with complete knowledge of the market and knowing what works and does not work for the clients at the end of the day. Through the myros of projects we have undertaken, we have learnt of all the hard and soft pit falls that impede success of our clients at the end of the day. To inform yourself about all these pit falls read our blog. We hope by now you have started to gain clarity on why you need a professional web development outsourcing service like Filium Enterprise offers. We are indeed one of the very few firms globally who is able to offer the best web development services to our clients globally. Some of the reasons we are one of the best, which are also the reasons you need a professional web development service and not the options that we discussed above. First, we are a company, a perpetually active entity with operating teams of talented engineers, graphic designers and managers all with an average experience in the field with an average of 4 years of degreed education and an average of 6 years of live website development experience.

This great knowledgeable team which is constantly expanding is led by structured procedures and globally endorsed industry best practices that ensure no haphazard web development work is done at our company. Policies and procedures guide our development work to perfection, with the sole aim of delivering our clients a winning website in the increasingly competitive internet market space, which not only is pleasing to the eyes to our clients' customers, but also is functional in cases where any online interaction, orders or commerce has to be conducted, while engineering each page to be recognized and ranked well by the search engine bots. Our basic web development procedure includes a proprietary 150 item checklist which is based on research and keeping abreast with latest technologies, algorithms and best practices. Our Web Development team here at Filium Enterprise is hence nothing short of being a large talent pool of engineers, performing unparalleled development activities for our clients day in and day out.

Small businesses trying to mark a foot on this expanding digital audience have a rather hard time in coming up with a website which can accomplish all these aspects for them and attract a larger traffic of clients towards their business. Filium Enterprise helps them with their Web Development services, optimized with high-end algorithms to increase traffic, SEO features, custom client-made user interfaces to cater to what the business actually wants to display whatever actually defines them as a business and many more advantageous not provided by free site-builders, local companies and free-lancers.

Filium Enterprise's Web Development services:
Making, publishing and then maintaining a website dealing with big data servers, market analytics, digital ecommerce, data entry, etc. is a huge task at hand, which is efficiently handled by our web development team here at Filium Enterprise. The team has a good grasp on almost all the crucial web development languages and mark-up languages and database management and environments, such HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP, XML, Ajax, MySQL, Python, Ruby on Rails, Java, .NET etc.

Businesses availing our web development services have created some of the finest web sites filled with interactive elements and fine-tuned user interfaces to sustain all demands and fulfil their clients' day to day needs.


Here are some more Cons of free and Do It Yourself web development platforms, local companies and free-lancers:
When it comes to free web building platforms, there a lot out there, Wix for example. Although they do provide a decent looking platform if someone just wants to try out building a website otherwise just wants to get the first taste of easily being able to build a simple site with almost no future projections or plans, if there exists a small business looking for a better experience and better traffic so that they can expand their business through this website, hence wanting a rather more professional guidance to building a more original site with better content and a better user interface for that small business's clients and customers to feel more free and informed about the services and products provided by that small business, going for a free and un-unique option should NOT be a viable choice, especially for the long run. These free development sites rather just put the whole task at the hands of the user, without promise of traffic and they have pre-built templates to choose from, which takes away the creative part of developing one's own site with various unique interactive elements tailor-suited for the convenience of the clients of that small business looking to expand their client-base on an expanding digital market, which one could easily expect from Filium Enterprise's advanced web development portal.

These free web development platforms are very rigid when it comes to choosing a template, meaning they are not at all flexible if the client wants to put major changes on the user interface to facilitate better business. In such cases, the platform would rather charge more, making it costlier for the small business, who was under the notion that the whole process would have been free.

Moreover, such websites do not make the website SEO (Search Engine Optimized) or rather ask for a fee. This is very essential for businesses to bring in traffic. Search Engines don't usually recognize these sites, as they are not at all unique, rather are very similar to thousands of other sites developed from that same free web development platform.

In the long run, especially for small businesses looking to expand their businesses, opting for a free and cheap way to develop their website through these free web development platforms is not at all an advisable option.


In case of local companies, they rather charge a very high price and the decisions related to the user interface of the website are taken primarily by the company itself. This takes away the free creativity of the small businesses, and their sites no longer represent the interests of the business.

Opting for free lancers is a very risky task. They typically come un-experienced, hence, a good service is not at all guaranteed. They are generally rookies with poor perspective and would not be able to understand the demands of the businesses availing their services, leading to a very bad site disconnected form the interests of the businesses, and with a bad user experience as well.Moreover, they are

subject to disappear anytime as they are just single assets that cannot to expected to sustain in the long run. These services are hence very inconsistent and non-reliable, making their services rather riskier to apply for in the first place.

Why Filium Enterprise's Web Development Services?
Filium Enterprise's Web Development Services provide the perfect marriage between cost and quality. Filium Enterprise has a top-notch custom website building service powered by professionals in Filium Enterprise. Building a site doesn't mean choosing a mere template; this doesn't represent what the business actually tries to convey to its clients. Our experts here at Filium Enterprise interact with these businesses availing our services to gain required data and custom interests to finally integrate into a website which portrays the interests of the business making the website. This way, flexibility is maintained, making it easier for clients availing our web development services to make minor or major changes to the interface of the business website to cater to changes in their product line, services, etc. which becomes a very clumsy problem in free web development platforms.

Professionals with whom the business cooperate to come up with a website guide these businesses all the time to make sure the result is a website containing everything the businesses would've asked for. Guidance is a very important virtue for businesses which are just getting a tiny grasp of the huge changes in the trends in the digital market. For them to have a firm grip on the ever-changing market trends, they must be guided to build a very powerful website promising traffic, and which is SEO, for that business to prosper in the long run.

Our team of professionals at Filium Enterprise collect all relevant data required to build a website which most accurately describes the business and its interests, without compromising on design and user interface. They take custom pictures, data, details regarding products and services, and ultimately integrate these into a well-designed and interactive website that properly portrays what that business stands for and what it means to provide to its visitors. These data are depicted in a flawless organized manner which is simplistic in nature and are easily accessible due to its organized style.

Filium Enterprise, being an international company is not going anywhere, and will of course continue to serve for the next dozen years at least (if all things go uphill). This means that unlike unreliable free-lancers, it is rather easy to contact Filium Enterprise for further queries and in case anything goes wrong.

The world wide web is growing hastily, and to meet with the ever-expanding demands of the increasing digital market audience, Filium Enterprise's website is accessible from various devices and platforms. The whole world is connected to Filium Enterprise, and Filium Enterprise is connected to you.

Web development service & FAQ

What is a website?
A website is a set of related web pages located under a single domain name. It is also called a web portal or sometimes just a web page, given that there was a short lived trend of single page websites that we do not recommend. Functionally, a website is a repository of information pertaining to any entity or organization. Apart from diseminating and disclosing infromation for public access for example a list of company products, product pictures, features, prices etc, websites have evolved overtime to support online commerce which allows customers to purchase products, or subscribe to services the company publishes. Websites are also used as an information exchange portal under secure login. These include social media websites where users can grant other users rights to view and communicate with thier profile, business portails which allow managers to communicate data and information with the rest of the team, etc. So in short, the term website has evolved to include a growing number of functional uses.

What is Web Development?
Web development is the work involved in developing a web site for the Internet. At Filium web development is a comination of science and art. Our graphic designers are hired and then trained to grown into the our philosophy of structured development. For us, it is a series of steps that are uniquely designed by the company to ensure the client objectives which are clearly defined by the company are met. Web development is also a continious improvement process. At Filium it is not a one time event, therefore our services come as a package and not a one off deal. We believe in order for our customer to be truely successful the website requires continious improvement and refinement to constantly search engine optimize it. Did you know that all major search engines release algorithm and policy updates regularly sometimes spanning 100s of pages. These policy updates determine how the search engine treats web pages, upgrades or downgrades the pages, penalizes a web page for practises that seek to trick the search engine to rank it in a misrepresented corellation with the actual content of the page, etc. Our team of research engineers and scientists constantly work on makeing sure we stay on top of the ever evolving digital universe.

What is Filium Enterprise?
Filium Enterprises is a software development company with its Software Development centre in India which operates its giant freelance software developer team of full time innovative and highly select software developers for hire or as part of a project development team giving customer the advantages of hiring a freelance software developer with the assurance of a professional software company. Filium Enterprises an outsourcing company that performs outsourced app development software project implementation and custom software development. One of our major business units is webdevelopment and creation on online web application for clients world wide which enable them to do what they do best. We service all industries and cover all aspects of web or online development from basic websites to intricate online secure systems that handle large organizational data.

What is a Web Development platform?
Traditionally a web development platform as a term used by developers to enlist the technology and language used as the basis to create a framework of a website within which all other aspects of the website or web application are nested. However, in the recent years, there are online website building platforms that allow DIY (Do it Yourself) website building. We do not advise you take this route if you are looking for a website that helps your business grow.

Why does my business need a website?
Irrespective in which line of business or trade you are, you need a website. The reason is simple,each day billions of online searches are conducted by prospective customers looking for a product or service to purchase. If you are not online, no matter how great you are in your trade, skill or business offering, you are simply foregoing a lot of potential business. Businesses who traditionally rely on walk-in customers can double thier foot traffic by showing up on searches from prospective buyers from around the block only by showing up on searches. Businesses can also create a better customer relation beyond the one-on-one time spent on the clients. There is literally endless things you can do once you have a good website to increase your business by many folds.

What are free-lancers?
A person who works freelance, alone. Such a person, could be located anywhere in the world when it comes to software. You may never see the person, he or she may claim to know or even show you examples of work there is no way to verify was thier own. Free lancers may also do an odd job and be then unreachable. We do not recommend choosing a free lancer if you are looking for long term support. Your best bet is hire someone full time or simply outsource it to an globally acclaimed and professional software services company like Filium Enterprises.

What are front-end and back-end coding?
The terms front end and back end refer to the separation of concerns between the presentation layer (front end), and the data access layer (back end) of a piece of software, or the physical infrastructure or hardware. Websites which do not have any database work involved usually require only front end development. However, thats not all the way true, since even in a basic website you would like to have at least a contact us form. This is usually used by back end technologies such as PHP. Someone who knows how to do it can do an excellent job and make complex forms. So when choosing a developer, ensure they are well rounded in handling both front end and back end. However, we recommend you select a professional services organization with the length and breath of technology and best practises that can deliver a more through development work.

What is SEO?
Short for Search Engine Optimization. As of 2019 google has the lions share of over 98% of on line searches. Search engine optimization is the practise of optimizing the website to fulfill the criteria of search engines by which they give the websites precedence when displaying results in response to a search query. At Filium Enterprises we have a check list of 150 things that we do to ensure that a website we develop is search engine ready and will improve constantly over time. One thing we do note to our visitors is that one of the aspects of showing up on top rank of a search engine query is what is termed as "aging". Search engines increasinly among 100s of increasily complex criterias looks for how old the website is and the relative web traffic they have received overtime to determin if it is a relevant site. You may wanto to watch some of our videos and blog articles to know more about what it takes to get the search engines to respond positively to your website.

What is meant by traffic here?
This basically means the amount of data sent and received by a website. This includes the HTTP requests i.e. someone accessing the website, bots visting the website for a variety of reasons and also data transacted. However, in the lay man terms it simply is how many visitors are visiting the website. We would like to note that the quality factor of the website is in direct correlation to the quality of the traffic. High bounce rates reflects poor traffic quality and therefore degrades the websites quality factor. Once must be careful about several aspects that effect this and include them in the website design, flow and content to ensure the website is not penalized for poor traffic score coming from genuine visitors.

Why is opting for Free-lancers risky?
Comparatively usually turn out to be rookies, inexperienced, inconsistent, and mostly unreliable in the long run.

Where is Filium Enterprise development centers based?
The bed rock of our development services is based in India. We have access to some of the greatest pool of engineers and software professionals due to the highly IT centric interest within the engineering community.

How much would a web development service by Filium Enterprise cost?
We offer some basic starter packages for start up businesses, small businesses and individuals who transition into a one person corp, Depends on the nature and scope of the web development project.

What are some of the programming languages used for web development?
HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP, XML, MySQL, etc.

How is getting website SEO important?
Helps increase traffic of potential clients through various search engines.

What are website templates?
A pre-fixed pattern/design usually for the front end sold online or

How is Wix rigid and non-flexible?
It provides fixed templates, making it non-custom made, and also charges for major changes in the user interface.

How large is Filium Enterprise as a company?<br> It is an international company with a growing number of international team including sales and consultants.

During the website registeration why does Filium Enterprise ask for the client's pictures and data?
Many small businesses are centered around the personal touch of the owner. Clients of such a business know the owner, and there is usually a lot of word of mouth recomendations. The owner can choose to have us publish thier preferred photo to recreate this personal touch on the website so the prospect clients can get to know them just as they would over the counter or phone.