Filium Technology Services

Outsourced Advanced Ecommerce services

Filium Enterprises is an Outsourced Software Development company with specific web development and advanced online application for e-commerce application development. We provide expert outsourced development support for small to large web project development scope of support. Our Software Development and design center consists of web developer teams with expertise in varlious web technologies including Java, .NET, PHP, HTML5, CSS, AJAX, etc to make your web site development results outstanding amoung your competition. We also have developed sites in Magento and similar ecommerce application platforms for high end and large ecommerce busineses.

Outsourced e-Commerce and application service includes

1. Register website Domain name and smart portfolio creation, its a strategic approach to a total web presence instead of creating a stand alone website.
2. Outsourced turnkey or subcontracted e-Commerce development
3. Outsourced Frontend Design and feature maintenance/ enhancement
4. Remote support with daily/Weekly or monthly maintenance support
5. Product data and graphics perperation and upload.

Outsouced e-Commerce website development :-

Automating customer transaction online over a secured application e.g. secure ssl work website with 2 step authentication can greatly increase the volume of business and their overall profitability. Filiums’ state of the art e-commerce platform delivery for single shops, businesses, large enterprises, online POS, etc., across all industries. We follow the SDLC & Agile methodologies to deliver high quality and sustained support to enable our clients success. We are technology agnostic and work across numerous technology stacks to achieve Customer objectives.

Data Handling & Analysis :-

Filium provides outsourced data handling, outsouced digitizing and analysis services. Our service includes Data digitizing from non digital formats such as print catalogs, concepts, print material of any form. Data processing including digital image processing though outsourced graphic design, creating soft copy of a print material for online publication and reprinting, outsouced financial & accounting data entry, statistical data processing for NGOs, Government census data and other survey and research from all industries. Our data entry devision consists of a scaleable team groups that are assinged on project basis for ongoing data handling projects. Advanced outsourced data analysis services for financial institutions, accounting organizations and statistical applications consists of performing complex financial statement analysis such as producing ratios to measure entity efficiency such as ROA, ROI, EPS, P/E, etc for stock market analysts, and other accounting data validation, and calulations using softwares as per client requirements. Our company has strategic partner with subject matter accounting and financial organizations to ensure quality of data and information input and outputs.

Business Process Automation :-

Filium is a world leader in business process automation. We understand all aspects of businesses across a wide array of industries including retail, supply chain management, logistics, warehouse management, production control, online businesses, etc. Our outsourced software development team is lead by experts in business process automation that help make your business smarter and faster by not only bringing the best in class software development to your company, but also perform a fit/gap in current information needs, potential to tap on underutilized data points, and re-engineer process through automation to transform your business operations to a much faster, intelligent and error proof operation. Our outsourced software development teams consists of database analysts, designer, programmers, project managers and quality analysts to support all phases of your system implementation work. We also assist in go-live and post go-live support as well as packages for on going software and system maintainance. WE offer outsourced custom application development that allow the flexibility required during a business growth. The service includes outsourced software application development for CRM, Procurement management, HR, Financial Management and Business intelligence. One of our specialties is RFID technology integration including recommended the best infrastructure, tags and reader in which we have over 13 years of global deployment experience including RFID Tags, RFID Readers, RFID Software interface and application softwares including Android Mobile Application development, Tablet based Apps development, PC and server applications development to integrate and automate data capture, data transmission and data storage with the most cutting edge technologies available globally.

Filium Micro-Electronics Technology Overview :-
In our view RFID is the best civilian technology available world wide for beyond the line of site contact-less identification of assets of all kinds. Our system automation team has over two decades of experience working with every facet of RFID technology including integrated circuit designs and specification, PCB and bonding technologies that work best in your operating enviornment, various antenna form that will perform well in your business operation and finished tag form factors i.e. the external housing of tags to ensure the tag can withstand the beating your environment will subject these tags to on a day to day basis. Our expertise in RFID technology spans across the three primary categories of:

Low Frequency (LF) trasnponder, tags, reader and custom apps
High Frequency (HF) tags, readers and custom apps
And Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Tags, readers and apps.
Our Production control and Product Development teams are one of the most capable RFID experts in the world that ensure tuning transponders by optimizing the interplay between the inductance, capacitance and power consumption within the components of the transponders. Over the years we have also provided ideal companion readers and peripheral devices of our outsourced system implementation and software development projects.

Intro to Low Frequency (LF) RFID by application :-

Our Tags and Transponders in this category have an operating frequency between 100 - 150 Khz and are designed to suit your specific needs and optimized to the best possible level to perform the identification tasks in the user environment.

Animal ID RFID Tags and Transponders: LF RFID can withstand demanding environment that consume or damp wireless power due to dense and low proximity presence of conducting materials, this makes it ideal for livestock Identification application. Our presence and customers in the global market have used inlays supplied by us across Asia, Africa, Europe, Australasia and Americas. We clients include market leaders in livestock identification in their respective countries with national systems such as NLIS, CCIA, NAIS, etc. Our team has award winning experience in deployment of this category of RFID technology across the globe.
Our expertise goes beyond the electromagnetic optimization of transponders.
Filium on special requests provides support to produce finished tag form factors using a variety of technologies such as HF welding, injection molding and epoxy encapsulation. However, our primary market supply consists of inlays and transponders which go within a client specified housing. We supply LF ISO11784/11785 compliant bio glass tags for implant into canine, feline, equine and aquatic pets and species. We also have years of experience in supplying electronic ear tags inlays in various dimension and on special requests may support plastic housing for the beef and dairy industry across the continents in conformance to ICAR specification and suited for the use within the specific farming environment in which the end user operates. All transponders can be supplied with the pre-designated ICAR codes and running codes as per client requirements. Our inlays are able to achieve up to 1.5 meters read distance based on the coil dimensions and chip usage.
Intro to High Frequency (HF) RFID :- The High Frequency tags operate between 13.56 Mhz compliant with ISO15693. This is most successful in organizing near field contactless environments. As opposed to LF RFID these tags are able to give a relatively higher reading distance. These are ideally suited for relatively low damp environments which do not need a read distance beyond a few feet. The form factors include ISO cards, clamp-shell card, tokens, etc (these form factors are also available in LF) with the exception of ultra thin cards and tokens.
Intro to Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID :- The Ultra High Frequency tags operate between 860 to 960 Mhz and various countries adhere to their own specific frequency and standards within this range for RFID applications. Our team has immense experience in providing ISO 18000 a/b tags and readers in UHF category and successfully deploying large item volume count projects typically in a warehouse or mass physical storage environment. We believe our products offer an efficient performance to price ratio to help end users attain efficiency at most practical price points.