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  • Lecturer tracking camera LTC2-A2001NV4

    ₹ 121770

    7 day delivery

    Dual-Cam 1080P Lecturer Tracking PTZ Camera
    1/2.8" CMOS, 2.14MP,dual cam 
    20X optical zoom ,8X digital zoom
    Simultaneous video outputs via Ethernet, HDMI, IP and USB2.0
    Integrated design; dual outputs up to1080P60 HD resolution
    Support four streaming and RTMP streaming
    Friendly UI and simple setup
    Advanced face and motion detection technology; 
    Integrated Full HD full view camera and Full HD tracking camera; 
    Track lecturer all around the classroom, even if lecturer walks into students area; Adjust automatically as per the height of lecturer; 
    Keeps tracking on the object even the object keeps still for a long period; Other moving objects and video from projectors do not interfere the tracking performance; Precisely and stably track a specific target, free from any light & moving interference; 
    Smart AE: keeps the same exposure with considerable lighting variability;
    Suits all kinds of classroom with different size, shape and type.

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