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    New Arrival DC12V LCD Monitor Lift Latest Launched DC12V monitor lift!!! Applicable to anywhere in the global wide with a super stable and durable performance.The new lift is damage proof as demonstrated in the videos and it comes with anti-pinch and obstacle prevention that ensures a safe and smooth operation.The display panel is processed by full lamination( non air-gap) technology which greatly reduce the reflection and the loss of light and ensure a high brightness and clear images on panels. Features 1.Distinguished itself from all other suppliers. what we use is BOE high-end style HD screen of ultra- narrow black border for a wider viewing angle.The screen gives a high resolution vivid images of high color contrast and color richness. 2. Entirely different workmanship panels.What we offer is Full Lamination( Non-air-gap) panels but not air-gap panels which are simply joined by double-sided tape. Full lamination panels are features by non-air- gap between which greatly reduce the reflection and the loss of light and ensure a high brightness and clear images on panels. Moreover due to its non-air-gap characteristic,dust and moisture are well kept away from the panels for a durable and stable working life.Full lamination panels also allow a quiet touch control instead of a noisy control from air-gap screens which is cause by the gap and air between. 3. The surface treatment is delicate by sand blasting. One more step further than common wire brushing, it's polished smoothly after wire drawing then blasted by fine glass sand. There aren't wire drawing lines visible after sand blasting. and the overall texture is more delicate and sleek. 4. It's global-wide applicable DC12V like notebooks which ensures a stable, safe and durable performance of the device.Instead,220V style comes with heavy current and is easy to fail the PCB boards and motors. 5. This lifts are featured by damage-proof and anti-pinch. When there are obstacles fallen inside, the lift will automatically stop in a while which well protects the circuit boards and motors from damage. While it's working any manual operation to the lift is allowed. You can lift up. pull down the screen. or adjust the screen angle manually.It gives a good protection to hands while it's close.

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