Our APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT life cycle follows agile and waterfall SDLC methodologies. In other words we are able to engage in both ways to address the client requirements for speed and concurrent DEVELOPMENT. Our APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT includes online applications, cloud applications, on premise applications, mobile applications and server side applications. Our team led by our business analysts engage with our clients at various levels of their organization to PLAN the outcomes that are require to achieve the company objectives and aid in its mission. Once the planning and designing of the application is completed and verified by various stake holders within our client organization and out team leaders, we proceed to develop the application.

DEVELOPMENT time line is determined primarily by the clients’ objectives and urgency of the system to be in place. We have a highly scalable software DEVELOPMENT team which can be arranged to meet client delivery time lines.

One of the outcomes of business analysis and planning phase is the delivery milestones and project road map with the time line estimated based on our experience in handling such projects. Should the required APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT delivery be requested at a tighter expedited time line, our project managers may request for additional resources to be allocated to meet such requirements.

Filium enterprises software teams are structured to see every phase of the project from planning to post deployment SUPPORT. Prior to a LAUNCH or release of the project our TEST teams perform a series of software, user and technical TESTS on the application developed by our teams to validate and verify the outcomes.


Next we are ready to LAUNCH the application be it an organizational intranet, and extranet, a mobile application geared towards our clients customers or something else. We closely monitor as the system starts gaining traffic and usage to see if any real time issues surface.If they do surface we have our project team leads and developers on standby to handle any such roll our anomalies which are in reality quite rare.

What happens after the application has successfully LAUNCHED?
Once the applications seems all stable and reached beyond the threshold beta principal for real time user engagement we switch our teams to SUPPORT mode for long term maintenance, upgrades and compliances should any of the variables in which the system operates evolve.

Like to get started ?
To get in touch with our application DEVELOPMENT team simply subit a request info form on our website. Our client engagment team will be in touch with you to schedule an exploration call and present our application DEVELOPMENT outsourcing services.