Mobile applications development is one of Filium Enterprises most sought after outsourced service. Our mobile application development technology portfolio includes platforms including Android mobile application outsourced development, iOS application outsourced development, and windows CE operating systems based mobile applications. Our teams work with your mobile application requirement closely from through discovery, deigning, development, deployment and post deployment version upgrades.

Outsourced mobile application development services at Filium typically start with Analysis of the requirement which includes assessment of functional scope of the application, what is must deliver, operating system compatibility, data storage and security features.

Next our talented graphic designers embark on designing the UI wireframe designing (user interface) as well as the layout, color combo, and other interface attributes which are usually agreed during the analysis phase, with attractiveness and easy to use or user friendly application design in mind. Due to our outstanding experience in several industries, we know that a successful mobile app can be a very effective marketing tool along with the functional aspects of it creation. We bring that knowledge to the table, to let you gain the most mileage out of your mobile application development investment.

After the Design phase is completed and the aesthetics of the mobile application have been agreed upon by the client, our coding or mobile application development which works in parallel with the UI teams has a system flow chart, a Data flow diagram and other essential collaterals ready for review. Once we have the mutual understanding with the client on what the outcomes would look like and if they meet the business requirement, our teams embark on the software coding process.

What more can you expect ?
Filium Enterprise's mobile application outsourcing services has developed complex and high tech mobile applications especially surrounding automated data capture technologies such as contactless data transmission using RFID, NFC, and Barcode encoding technologies.


Our mobile application development creates mobile applications that can store, retrieve, authenticate and process data for a variety of user applications.

Clients approach us to outsource mobile application development that mirror their online systems in functionality, mobile data access, personalization for the mobile user, and to create a mobile data access window to offline as well as online data from their centralized web servers over a secure connection. Filium Enterprises mobile application targets all facets of e-commerce driven mobile application usage including retail or B2C e-commerce mobile applications, B2B e-commerce mobile applications, peer networking for social media, organizational support, and public services.

Our avid and talented mobile application outsourcing services development includes know how related to location mapping, integration with GIS for mobility and tracing assets, as well as secure encrypted data communication between mobile devices and data servers.

Based on all this technology know how we perform a variety of testing on the mobile app to ensure that it can do the required in real time, and upon successful testing we release the APK for deployment while closely monitoring if any follow up adjustments are required.

Maintenance is a large part of Filium Enterprises mobile application life, you may have noticed that you mobile application (almost all) self-update every 12 -48 hours. Filium Enterprises continue to work on the mobile app maintenance through an annual MSA (Master services agreement) to ensure you mobile application runs smoothly.

How to get started on your next mobile application?
To know more on our processes and service contracts term and conditions contact us by filling one of our request info forms and our team will schedule an exploration call to follow up and start the process.