VERSION UPGRADE Why do you need a VERSION UPGRADE partner?

Proper maintenance along with the source code writing is equally important when it comes to adapting to a large digital market audience with their ever-expanding demands and requirements. Filium Enterprise has this under control with their regular maintenance of their products with version upgrades, patches, fixes, improvising on user interface which ultimately results in customer satisfaction. This includes regularly posting new and efficient upgrades to already purchased products so that these products do not lose touch with the latest client demands and trends of the new digital market.

The user interface provided by Filium Enterprise is seamless and very user friendly so that our clients find it very easy to upgrade their products to newer versions whenever they please. Our

algorithms are fast, hence upgradation times are very small, usually around 30-90 minutes.

The graphic User Interface provides various related information our clients might need to be informed about when downloading the version upgrade, such as graphically understandable download bars, estimated required time, percentage of upgrade completed, version upgrade speed graphs and analytics, etc. Filium Enterprise keeps these important aspects in mind so that clients upgrading to a newer version have a good and informative experience with our version upgrade user interface.

The upgrade can be enabled from anywhere and on this version upgrade is also valid across various platforms, so no client feels left out on the latest version upgrades and patches published out by Filium Enterprise. Our servers are running 24-7 so that the upgrades are possible at any time, providing a proper and stable


upgrade speed, thanks to our top-notch company servers and efficient server-side algorithms.

Keeping our clients updated with the latest version upgrades of our products is how we, Filium Enterprise, can better keep our company connected to our digital audience and hence, ensure their satisfaction with our simple yet powerful version upgrade user interface.